Friday, April 29, 2016

"Tell me what's the difference between us and them?"

"Because we live here."

America is irredeemable. We are learning, though, that many, many Americans still understand the immortal words from John Milius's 1984 "Red Dawn."

"Because we live here."

This is our rallying cry.

Sorry, invaders: this is our land.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ending the Pretenses of Equality Once and For All...

Every night before going to sleep, this is exactly the scenario I hope to see play out.

[PROSECUTOR: “MANY PEOPLE” WILL RIOT IN BALTIMORE IF WHITE COP IN FREDDIE GRAY CASE IS ACQUITTED: More civil unrest expected if officer goes free,, April 28, 2016]:

Former prosecutor and criminal attorney Warren S. Alperstein predicts that “many people” will riot in Baltimore if the first police officer in court over the death of Freddie Gray is acquitted. 
Beginning next Tuesday, a total of six cops, three white and three African-American, will be put on trial for the murder of Gray, who sustained his injuries during a ‘rough ride’ in a police vehicle after he was arrested for possessing an illegal switchblade on April 19 last year. 
Gray’s death set off a wave of riots that swept Baltimore over several days, prompting a state of emergency and the deployment of the National Guard. 

Alperstein told Maclean’s that if Officer Edward Nero, the first white man in the dock, is set free, the city will undoubtedly be hit by mass civil unrest. 
“I think if Officer Nero is acquitted, there will be many people who, unfortunately, will engage in civil unrest and rioting,” said Alperstein, “and there may be a racial component in that Nero is Caucasian.” 
When Baltimore’s new chief of police Kevin Davis was asked whether he was bracing for riots, he deflected the question. 
According to Shan Wu, a criminal-defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor in Washington, the potential for civil unrest should not be allowed to affect the outcome of the trial. 
“Certainly, the possibility of more rioting hovers over the cases, but it absolutely cannot be spoken of in the courtroom. You can’t be saying, ‘If you convict, there’s going to be riots. And if you don’t convict, there’s going to be riots,’” said Wu.
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I can't wait to finally feel fine. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Imagine New Orleans Without Black People... Private Property Would be Virtually Unattainable

America's most unique city has a problem: black violence.

Without this black violence, New Orleans would be the most desirable city to live in/play in/vacation in the nation; with a black population, the city must celebrate another successful year of midnight basketball (11 seasons!), while black violence continues unabated. ['A bullet hole in the head': Landrieu delivers passionate speech on gun violence, New Orleans Time-Picayune, April 27, 2016]:
"A bullet hole in the head." "They blew her guts out."
As Mayor Mitch Landrieu spoke about violence in New Orleans, it seemed at times as if he was using intentionally graphic language in an attempt to shock the audience gathered Wednesday (April 27) at Tulane University.
The bloodshed has reached such a scale that murder has become routine, Landrieu said. "The violence has become so ingrained, so baked in, it has become part of our culture."

Since 1994, 4,600 people have been killed in New Orleans, 1,003 of them on his mayoral watch alone, Landrieu said. A photo mosaic of their faces flashed on the screen. A row of binders containing their cases sat on stage.
And those numbers disguise the real truth, which is that some neighborhoods in the city see almost no gun violence, the mayor said. The murders are concentrated in just a few neighborhoods, which have become virtual war zones for their residents.
Landrieu recounted the story of Briana Allen, a five-year-old who was gunned down in a spray of bullets from a Kalashnikov-style rifle as she stood in front of her mother's home during a 2012 birthday party. Her father, Landrieu said, held her in his arms, "her life bleeding out of her and out of the city of New Orleans."
Her father was later given a life sentence in prison for drugs.
Her cousin, Ka'Nard Allen, also was shot the night Briana was killed. Then, just a year later, he was shot again during the 2013 Mother's Day shooting that wounded 19. His father was later stabbed to death.
The slaying of former Saints great Will Smith earlier this month has, for now at least, shaken the city out of its stupor, Landrieu said, but the city should see every death as a tragedy. 

"Some people still think that black lives do not matter," Landrieu said.
"They are wrong, but here is the thing: All black lives matter. Not just celebrities. Not just the ones killed by police. Not just the children.
"All black lives matter, period," Landrieu said.
The city is, by body count at least, safer now than it has been in decades. The city's murder rate is half what it was in the mid 1990s.
More needs to be done, though, Landrieu said. The federal government needs to enact sensible gun laws. The state needs to stop cutting funding for prosecutors and parole officers and mental health treatment. 
More than anything, though, Landrieu said, the community needs to step up and get involved. "We put a man on the moon for goodness sake. We can certainly figure out how to fix this," he said. "Our lives and the future of our community depend on it."
 Mayor Landrieu -- black people, who are responsibly for all violent crime, homicides, nonfatal shootings (gun crime), and the misery found in New Orleans, had absolutely nothing to do with putting a man on the moon.

Just as white people  have absolutely nothing to do with the gun violence you bemoan in New Orleans.

If New Orleans had no blacks, there would be no concentrated gun violence in neighborhoods you call "war zones."

The 30 initiatives of the NOLA for Life nonprofit wouldn't be necessary, since the people responsible for all the gun violence in New Orleans wouldn't be tormenting the city anymore with their.. freedom. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blacks in Baltimore Riot When Black Mayoral Candidate Reneges on Giving them Jobs

She's the new mayor of Baltimore, after winning the Democrat's primary tonight.

But earlier today, we got a glimpse of the unrest sure to break out in the 65 percent black city of Baltimore when the six officers Marilyn Mosby indicted (because she heard the cries of "no justice, no peace") are acquitted of all charges in the death of the heroin dealer Freddie Gray.

And if this story doesn't put a smile on your face, you still are under the delusion America is redeemable. [Catherine Pugh campaign blames misunderstanding for upset Baltimore workers, Baltimore Sun, April 26, 2016]:
Some Baltimore residents who expected to work for state Sen. Catherine Pugh’s mayoral campaign Tuesday instead damaged vehicles outside of her campaign headquarters after being told there were no jobs available.
A spokesman for Pugh’s campaign called it a misunderstanding. Anthony McCarthy, the spokesman, said Pugh decided “they will be paid” regardless.
A crowd of about 100 people lined the block outside Sandi’s Learning Center on North Ellamont Street, many of them saying they were promised election day jobs.
About a dozen police officers were on the scene and two security guards were at the door. Police said they responded for a report of property destruction.
The front windshield of a van had been smashed and tires were slashed. On another van, the driver’s side window had been broken.
Police made one arrest: charging Jerome Eric Tuggle, 53, of Baltimore, with destruction of property in connection with the incident, according to department spokesman T.J. Smith.

"The suspect used a rock or a brick to break out the window on a security vehicle in the area," Smith said.
Many in line had showed up late and had missed training sessions, McCarthy said, so they were told they were not eligible to work.
Upon hearing about the disturbance, Pugh ordered that anyone who wanted to work would be allowed to, McCarthy said.
All of them were being bused to polling sites to work, he said.
Mecca Wakil, 31, a hair stylist, rearranged clients to make an extra $100 to work for the Pugh campaign Tuesday. But when she and others arrived around 5 a.m., she said all of the jobs were taken.

She said many in the crowd had gone through an orientation and filled out applications this month. Some were recruited to work during early voting events. Some in the crowd got angry and beat on the doors, she said.
Windows of two nearby vans were broken and tires were slashed. But later in the morning, the crowd was calm and had formed a single-file line around the block as more people were allowed inside Pugh's headquarters.
Wakil said she voted for Pugh because of her experience.
"I figured she could help do something for the city," he said.
But after her experience trying to work for the campaign, she said she wished she had voted for businessman David Warnock.
James Warren, 26, a cook from East Baltimore, said he used his day off to come work for the Pugh campaign. He had been canvassing neighborhoods for the campaign previously and planned to vote for her Tuesday, "but the way this turned out, I want to go sit in the house."
If he does vote, he said he'll support former mayor Sheila Dixon.
Warren said he doesn't blame Pugh, but said her campaign is disorganized. Warren asked why so many people were asked to report to work when they didn't need that many.
McCarthy said opposing campaigns were attempting to fan the flames by telling Pugh campaigners already out at polls that they wouldn’t be paid.
“It is indicative, really, of how nasty and ugly this campaign has gotten,” he said.

The white people who flocked to the polls in Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware casting a ballot for Donald J. Trump are the grandchildren of the white people who built Baltimore, Providence, Hartford, Wilmington, and Philadelphia, only to watch as black crime made living in these once thriving an intolerably cruel act to expose their children to.

Those who quickly resort to saying "we're on the right side of history" to justify their ideological degeneracy and its consequences have no idea of what's coming: across the nation, millions of white people have responded to state enforced diversity and out-of-control immigration by turning to someone we still don't quite understand... Donald J. Trump.

As the first light penetrating the darkest night, Trump has exposed something frightening, that most of his supporters (and his detractors) still don't quite understand, but they respond in a manner that has the potential to the shake the world to its very core.

Meanwhile, in a city whites abandoned, Africans in America continue to work overtime to live up to every stereotype ever held about them.

Keep it up, blacks: every time Africa appears in America, subconsciously another Trump supporter is birthed.