Friday, July 3, 2015

The Cost to America of Black Freedom

Escape from Detroit and Detroit: The Unauthorized Autopsy of America's Bankrupt Black Metropolis tell the story of how Detroit went from being the "Paris of the West" to becoming the greatest example of racial differences in the history of man. 

A city nearly 100 percent white in 1915 is now 83 percent black in 2015. 

An almost entirely black city whose citizens have an aversion to paying their water bills and whose police chief warned, "he wouldn't stop there to pump gas at night," because of the fear of being carjacked. 

And now comes this news. [Top takeaways: Detroit's foreclosure meltdown, Detroit News, July 2, 2015]:
The Detroit News analyzed thousands of property records, including a Blight Task Force survey, to catalog the conditions of 65,000 mortgage foreclosures in Detroit since 2005.
The analysis shows for the first time the extent of damage to neighborhoods and the bill Detroit inherited when foreclosed homes were left open to destruction.
Among the findings:
In Detroit, 56 percent of mortgage foreclosures are now blighted or abandoned. At least 13,000 are slated for demolition at a projected cost of $195 million. The total cost of blight is $500 million.
More than 1 in 3 homes have been foreclosed in 10 years in Detroit, the equivalent of every house in Buffalo.
In Detroit, homes lost to foreclosure are often never reoccupied: 76 percent of the 84,000 properties on the city's blight list are tax or mortgage foreclosures.
Subprime lending was rampant in Detroit. Of all city mortgages, 68 percent were subprime in 2005, compared to 27 percent statewide and 24 percent nationwide, according to federal records. Video: Understanding prime vs. subprime mortgages.
Defunct subprime lenders Argent, Ameriquest and New Century Financial Corp. had some of the highest rates of foreclosures that later became problems for the city.
Of those, 52 percent are now considered blighted, demolition-worthy or have been seized by Wayne County for the owner's failure to pay taxes. Citywide, 56 percent of all mortgage foreclosures are now similarly troubled.
Mayor Mike Duggan is searching for more federal funds to continue a blitz that demolished 3,500 buildings last year at a cost of about $15,000 per home. Tens of thousands remain.
The Wayne County Treasurer's Office plans this fall to auction about 30,000 Detroit properties — including about 10,000 occupied homes — that are three or more years delinquent on taxes.
Greensboro Street in northeast Detroit is an extreme example of the impact of subprime loans and foreclosures. All but five of 38 homes on a stretch of Greensborohave gone into mortgage or tax foreclosure since 2005. Graphic: The decimation of one city block.
Meanwhile, Detroit officials did not follow the moves of other cities such as Cleveland and Memphis, Tennessee, that sued lending institutions over predatory lending and subsequent blighted foreclosures.
Predatory lending?

Detroit was blighted and ruined by predatory freedom.

All of those foreclosures and blighted properties in now 83 percent black Detroit were long ago built to house a people entirely genetically different than the ones responsible for creating the conditions in 2015 where the police chief voices his concern with pumping gas at night.

This isn't a civilization; it's a post-apocapytic nightmare.

On this eve of the Fourth of July remember: Universal Suffrage is Universal Suffering.

And while southerners rightfully worry about the move to eradicate/erase their history in the former Confederate States of America, never forget freed blacks are working to eradicate/erase whatever history remains of the white people who once made Detroit the "Paris of the West."

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Isn't This Exactly What Happened?

All the monuments will come down.

Every one.

Confederate or American, it doesn't matter what they celebrate, they will come down.

For they celebrate white men fighting, living, dying, and ultimately thriving to defend the interests of white people. The monuments were erected to celebrate the lives, deeds, exploits and sacrifices of those white people who had perished so white people living long after the statute had been built could understand their connection to the past... so future citizens would always remember the men who had once existed so that they could exist.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson knew what was once at stake, as Ron Maxwell powerfully captured in the Ted Turner financed Gods and Generals.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Bankrupt People: Baltimore Police Unveil the "Homicide Vehicle" to try and get Blacks to Start Snitching...

We already know black-elected decision makers in 65 percent black Baltimore are actually considering paying blacks not to kill one another as a remedy to stop the violence.  [Should Baltimore pay people to not kill each-other?, Baltimore Sun, June 2, 2015]
Yes... this is a real car. 65 percent black Baltimore's "Homicide Vehicle"

We already know 65 percent black Baltimore is plagued with consistent fatal and nonfatal shootings because the bulk of the black citizens remain committed to the notion of "no-snitching" -- displaying a loyalty to black criminality far greater than any duty to uphold the white man's law. [Police hit streets with their answer to 'Snitch' DVD, Baltimore Sun, May 11, 2005]:
First came Stop Snitching, the DVD celebrating drug dealing, diamond-encrusted wristwatches, violence and witness intimidation in Baltimore. Yesterday, city police unveiled their sequel. As movie releases go, it was decidedly un-Hollywood. 
Officers in bright blue windbreakers stood in the middle of high-crime East Baltimore, around the corner from a block with eight vacant homes, and handed out copies of the Police Department's debut production, Keep Talking. 
"The point," said police spokesman Matt Jablow, "is to let the criminals know that we're in charge, and to let the good people know we're winning the fight." 
Mr. Jablow's comments were made in 2005: after the events of April/May/June 2015, we know perfectly well the police are no longer in charge of Baltimore; the black mob, with full authority of the black-elected/appointed leadership, are in control

Which is why the latest shadow boxing with reality is so... tragically funny. [City police encourage tips with new vehicle, Baltimore Sun, June 30, 2015]:
  Baltimore Police and Metro Crime Stoppers officials unveiled a new "homicide vehicle" on Monday that they said will be used to encourage citizens to report crimes. 
The Chevrolet sport-utility vehicle is outfitted with phone numbers for the police Homicide unit, Metro Crime Stoppers and the city's Gun Bounty Program, which offers cash rewards for crime tips and recovered illegal firearms. 
Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said his department is the first agency in the greater Baltimore area to have a "wrap vehicle" and that it will be present at most homicide scenes to encourage witnesses to assist law enforcement. 
"We can't do it by ourselves," Batts said. We need your help."
When a police department has to "hit the streets" to combat the scourge of a no-snitching culture permeating the black community, you know the city is on life support; when the same police department has to deploy a "homicide vehicle" to encourage black citizens to report, it's time to pull the plug once and for all.

Most communities in America never tally a single homicide for the entire year; when one does occur, the individual committing the act is so mentally disturbed the entire community works together to lock him away for life.

In Baltimore, the black community works together to not only protect the identity of murderers/non-fatal shooters, but they also work together to produce a city where a "homicide vehicle" is necessary because of the immense number of homicides in need of investigating...

What little remains of the civilization whites once built (and subsequently abandoned) in Baltimore slips away each second passing into the Africa-style future for the city.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Marilyn Mosby's Baltimore -- "as if hell had erupted through the sidewalks and kept on growing"

I've always loved the original screenplay for what would become the 1989 Batman movie. 

Read the way Sam Hamm describes Gotham City, the very city Bruce Wayne is willing to protect by donning a cape and cowl, attempting to take back from the criminals and the thugs:
The city of Tomorrow: stark angles, creeping shadows,
dense, crowded, airless, a random tangle of steel and
concrete, self-generating, almost subterranean in its
aspect... as if hell had erupted through the sidewalks and
kept on growing. 
Marilyn Mosby's Vogue photo-shoot... no, this is not The Onion...
Is this Gotham City Hamm is describing or is this Marilyn Mosby's Baltimore? Mosby, the current "it" girl at Vogue (courtesy of a lavish photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz), is the individual behind the emboldening of the growing #BlackLivesMatter movement in America: culminating in the incredible BET Awards Show performance by Kendrick Lamar atop police cars rapping about the killing of police.

Yes, this actually happened.

In a summer when a movie glorifying the Niggaz Wit Attitudes (NWA) will be released, and the Nation Of Islam (NOI) is planning a 20th anniversary Million Man March on Washington D.C. - complete with the mysterious #JusticeOrElse hashtag - one is left wondering what type of hell is potentially about to be unleashed on the country.
The real Marilyn Mosby (filtered through the SBPDL prism from this photo): a Morlock personified - courtesy of the 2002 The Time Machine movie - prepared to capture an Eloi

And this time, the opening salvos might be videotaped. [After Freddie Gray death, cop-watchers film police to prevent misconduct, Baltimore Sun, June 28, 2015]:
On a sultry West Baltimore night, six police officers walked down a concrete courtyard of Gilmor Homes — while self-styled "cop-watcher" David Whitt held up his camera and pushed the record button. 
One officer confronted him, asking, "Do you have I.D.?" "Am I being detained?" Whitt shot back. As the heated confrontation continued, the officer took out a cellphone camera, held it up to Whitt and repeated, "Do you have I.D.? Do you live here? Because if not, you're trespassing." 
After Whitt responded, saying he had a right to film police, the officer walked away, telling him, "Thank you for putting my safety at risk. I appreciate it. You're also putting your safety at risk by following me." 
The scene illustrates the tension-filled encounters playing out in Baltimore and across the nation, as camera-toting residents seek to document examples of police brutality or other misconduct. 
Activists like Whitt, who is from Ferguson, Mo., the scene of unrest last year, are linking with residents in Baltimore, Charleston, S.C., and other cities to create a network that can expose problems with lightning speed through social media. Among those who have signed on is Kevin Moore, who gained nationwide attention in April for capturing the arrest of Freddie Gray on a cellphone video. 
In the aftermath of Gray's death, Moore created WeCopwatch Baltimore and has accumulated dozens of hours of police footage and begun "Know your Rights" discussions with fellow residents of West Baltimore.
Hell has erupted through the sidewalks, taken control of most of modern America and continues its metastasizing into something unimaginable.

And the Eloi (white Americans, as perfectly described by the late Lawrence Auster) sit back and watch the Morlocks keep dominating.