Friday, April 24, 2015

For white people in 2015, the Selma of 1965 never ceased to exist...

In 2015, Selma is 80 percent black

This 80 percent black world doesn't exist to anyone, for the world of 1965 Selma never stopped existing. 

But 80 percent black Selma does exist

Oh, it exists. 
Every high school in America - private or public - will receive a free copy of Selma: will the first white kid to ask if this  "one dream can change the world" for the worst be immediately expelled? 

1965 was 50 years ago, and in half a century the now 80 percent black city of Selma has regressed to the black mean. 

And the state of 80 percent black Selma in 2015 proves correct every white southerner who dared question the march on Montgomery. 

But, for the time being, this truth doesn't matter. [Every US high school to receive free 'Selma' DVD,, 4-24-15]:
Every high school in the United States, public and private, will receive a free DVD of the film 'Selma,' Paramount Home Media Distribution announced today. 
'Selma' is available now on Digital HD and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD May 5. 
Teachers can also receive free companion study guides to help lead discussions on the events depicted in the film. 
"To think that this triumphant story of dignity and justice will be available to every high school in this country is a realization of many dreams and many hopes," director Ava DuVernay said in a press release.   
"We hope to reach all 18 million high school students with the film's powerful and inspiring story. With many of these students preparing to vote for the first time in next year's elections, it is especially fitting that they witness the bravery and fortitude of those who fought to establish the Voting Rights Act of 1965," said Megan Colligan, president, Worldwide Distribution and Marketing, Paramount Pictures.  
Teachers who would like to receive a copy of the "Selma" companion study guide can visit 
For more information visit:

But is the current state of 80 percent black Selma the "triumphant story of dignity and justice" so many claim it represents, or is the decaying, blighted, ruined state of Selma nothing more than the culmination of the warnings white people made decades ago about what would occur under black political rule?

What constitutes "bravery and fortitude" has always been speaking the truth, and the state of 80 percent black Selma in 2015 is nothing more than the reality of Africa in America.

For the "dreams and many hopes" of those pulling the levers of power in Black-Run America (BRA) is the replication of the same fate Selma enjoys in 2015 to be spread throughout America... but the truth of America's future simply resides on the other side of the Edmund Pettus Bridge almost everyone works hard to march away from.

1965 was 50 years ago... Selma in 2015 is now 80 percent black, representing the exact city those white southerners advocating for Jim Crow laws and segregation warned about coming to fruition.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

#WhiteLivesMatter: Remembering Debbie and Doug London

There are a few people and groups who have tried to catalogue the names of those white victims of black violence, but rarely do these individuals grasp the futility of their endeavor. 

The Knoxville Horror or Wichita Massacre did happen, but in the narrative powering Black-Run America (BRA), they never occurred. Brittany Watts was never murdered in Atlanta by a black male enraged by his learning of white privilege in college courses... Nathan Trapuzzano didn't exist either

But they did live once. 
Debbie and Doug London, victims of the ECAR RAW waging in America

They impacted the world while they lived, and the silence about how their lives ended does have an impact of far greater severity than those who have pledged their lives to BRA could ever understand. 

Far, far greater. 

Doug and Debbie London can now be added to a list so indescribably sad and brutal in denoting the reality of ECAR RAW being waged in America that it must be noted it doesn't actually exist. [Prosecutor: Gang members killed Lake Wylie couple to prevent them from testifying,, 4-22-15]:
Six gang members have been charged in the October 2014 killings of a business couple in Lake Wylie. Three of those members reportedly robbed a store owned by the couple months earlier and were attempting keep the couple from testifying.  
Six members of the "United Blood Nation" (UBN) are charged in the killing of Debbie and Doug London, according to court documents. They could receive the death penalty. 
Deputies say 61-year-old Debbie London and 63-year-old Doug London were found shot to death in their Tioga Road home on October 23, 2014. The couple's son, Daniel London, found the couple and called 911.  
After an FBI raid of Charlotte's UBN, 12 defendants were charged in a racketeering operation conspiracy. 
Six of those members, Jamell Lamon Cureton, David Lee Fudge, Randall Avery Hankins II, Malcolm Jarrel Hartley, Briana Shakeyah Johnson and Rahkeem Lee McDonald, are charged in the killing of the Londons, according to a federal indictment that was unsealed on Wednesday. 
Additionally, Nana Yaw Adoma, Daquan Lamar Everett, Nehemijel Maurice Houston, Ibn Rashaan Kornegay, Centrilia Shardon Leach and Ahkeem Tahja McDonald were charged in the conspiracy.
Members of the United Blood Nation (UBN) who plotted the execution of the London's
Four of the people charged in connection with the case were already in custody. Two other suspects were arrested Wednesday. 
Three of the members, Cureton, Nana Yaw Adoma and Fudge, previously robbed the couple's mattress store and the members were attempting to stop the Londons from testifying. 
The defendants operated under a common set of rules known as the "31" and used a ranking system. They participate in meetings, "like any other enterprise," acting U.S. Attorney Jill Westmoreland Rose said in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. They "discuss punishment for those they fear may be cooperating with law enforcement," Rose said. 
On Oct. 1, Hartley and Johnson conducted surveillance of The Mattress Warehouse of Pineville on South Boulevard in an attempt to locate the Londons and kill them, court documents state. They not only wanted to prevent the Londons from testifying, but documents say they wanted to retaliate against the couple for previous court appearances related to the robbery case. 
Doug London tried to defend the store and his life, police said, when he shot and hit one of the suspects, later identified as Cureton. Cureton went to a local hospital and was arrested on state robbery charges. 
That's when Rose said the defendants began to exchange correspondents and conspire with each other to plan the murder of Douglas London, "the only eyewitness to the robbery." 
The indictment says in September - Malcolm Hartley got a gun that was eventually used to kill the Londons. Later that month, according to investigators, Briana Johnson joined Fudge and Hartley in a gang meeting to discuss her membership, and her duty to drive Hartley to commit shootings. 
Wednesday night, Johnson's mother spoke to WBTV on the phone and said "she seriously doubts her daughter was trying to be initiated into that gang."  
She said Johnson "really liked Hartley and wanted to be cool and got caught up." 
On Oct. 5, the gang members conducted a meeting in Greenville. Two days later the members conducted a phone meeting where they planned the killing of Doug and Debbie London, court documents state. Apparently, two members failed to accomplish "that goal." 
That's when someone known to the Grand Jury received a text from Fudge saying that he had "sent the hit," meaning he ordered the killing of the couple. 
After several more meetings, the "Hitman," Rahkeem Lee McDonald, along with Hartley, Fudge, Cureton and Hankins, "conspired to, attempted to, and did murder Douglas London and Deborah London at the Londons' residence in Clover," court documents state. 
Acting U-S Attorney Rose said Johnson drove Hartley to the Londons' Lake Wylie home and Hartley shot the couple.  
“Hartley and Johnson returned to the Charlotte area where they began to dispose of evidence of murders and grotesquely celebrated the deaths of Doug and Debbie London, the prosecutor said during a press conference.   
The next meeting was a celebration. In a telephone meeting on Oct. 25, Hartley admitted to killing the couple. 
Earlier this year, York County Solicitor Kevin Brackett, in whose district the Londons were killed, charged Johnson and Hartley each with two counts of murder for the killings.  
During Wednesday press conference Brackett said “when you kill somebody to shut down a prosecution, when you silence a witness in order to prevent the government from enforcing the laws, you're not just attacking those two people, you're attacking the rule of law, you're attacking society.”
"Rule of Law?"

Does America actual still operate under the "Rule of Law," or do we operate under the principle of the "Rule of Always Ruling in Favor of Blacks" Law?

The actions of the United Blood Nation (UBN) in seeking to execute Debbie and Doug London will not be noted by the corporate media, but will instead be safely tucked into Web sites few people in America would access while they are at work.

Time magazine and People will refrain from splashing the faces of the Debbie and Doug London on their cover and leave the inside pages of their publications safely free of even the slightest blurb this couple ever lived (it goes without saying how they died will also be an anecdote unfit for printing).

But they did live.

Just as Brittany Watts and Nathan Trapuzzano lived.

Interestingly, they all died similar deaths, at the hands of a demographic group protected from any and all criticism.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!"

The news of Hardee's considering moving its national headquarters out of 49 percent black St. Louis was thankfully offset with the absolutely positive, riveting, and glorious announcement Starbucks is going to open up a store in 70 percent black Ferguson!

Cue up the marching band and order up a few tons of confetti for the ticker-tape parade!
Starbucks is coming to 70 percent black Ferguson! "Community Outreach" is now a corporate strategy for goodwill in Black-Run America (BRA), with producing profits no longer a concern...

Losing the national headquarters of a Fortune 500 company means absolutely nothing when a small suburb of St. Louis is going to get a Starbucks!

Even though corporate Starbucks locations don't accept EBT/Food stamps, the store in Ferguson could represent a prototype in "community outreach" to a demographic completely alien from the traditional business model the coffee giant built its brand on. [Howard Schultz: Starbucks to open Ferguson store, Fortune, 4-22-15]:
Starbucks baristas may not be writing “Race Together” on customers’ coffee cups anymore, but CEO Howard Schultz certainly isn’t done talking about the nation’s touchiest topic. 
On Tuesday, Schultz talked about his company’s efforts to address racial tension and announced that his coffee shop chain will open a location in Ferguson, Mo. as a “way to create employment.” Protestors clashed with police officers in the St. Louis suburb this summer, after the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, by a white cop. 
Starbucks has locations in nearby Jennings and Florissant, Mo., and six stores in Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, but none in Ferguson. 

Schultz tucked the Ferguson store news into comments he made on stage at an event hosted by NationSwell, a digital media company focused on American innovation and renewal. Schultz’s appearance at the event focused on his company’s ongoing efforts to combat racism and inequality in the United States, its education benefits for workers, andits recent commitment to hire military veterans and so-called opportunity youths, generally described as unemployed 16 to 24-year olds who have not followed a traditional education path.
After his on-stage interview, Schultz told Fortune that there was no specific timeline for the opening of a Ferguson store, and he declined to provide more information about plans for the location there. A Starbucks spokesperson did not provide an opening date but said that the Ferguson store is “part of our plan to build more stores in urban neighborhoods.” 
Whenever Starbucks ultimately open its store in Ferguson, a city that’s 70% black, the location will counter the heavy concentration of Starbucks locations in predominantly white neighborhoods. By crunching Census figures and a dataset of 11,500 Starbucks locations in the United States as of August 2014,Quartz determined that the density of Starbucks stores increases along with the whiteness of census tracts. 
On Tuesday, Schultz emphasized his belief that race relations is not too sensitive an issue for his company to tackle. Schultz has never shied away from using his platform as CEO of a Fortune 500 company to speak out on controversial political and social subjects. In 2013, he led a petition-based push urging Washington politicians to end the federal government shutdown. That year, he also wrote an open letter asking gun owners to refrain from bringing their firearms into stores. 
Fortune reported in August that residents of St. Louis area, which includes Ferguson, have not felt the economic recovery equally. The unemployment rate for African Americans in the county of St. Louis City was 26% in 2012, according to the Census Department’s latest available stats. For white Americans, the unemployment rate was 6.2%.Employment figures from the fall of 2014 show that in Missouri, black unemployment was 15.7%; for whites it was 4.5%.
Losing Hardee's corporate headquarters was news thankfully softened by the outrageously positive announcement 70 percent black Ferguson is getting a Starbucks!

A Starbucks!

There's no doubt Starbucks is preparing to start a 501c3 as a way to offset the tremendous losses associated with opening franchises in heavily black areas, which has never been part of the corporations strategy or business model for growth.

But in Black-Run America (BRA), few actions such as opening a franchise in an increasingly non-white city will garner social justice points as Starbucks investing in 70 percent black Ferguson.

Trading Hardee's corporate headquarters in downtown St. Louis for a lone suburban Starbucks franchise in 70 percent black Ferguson is an absolute victory for metropolitan St. Louis!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

RIP St. Louis: A True Assessment of Race Relations in America

The black population of St. Louis has assumed control of the future of city, with the successful vote by aldermen for the creation of a St. Louis Civilian Oversight Board

It's their city now

In the euphoria of moment, one black female alderman let slip a question no reasonable person can dare answer, considering the future of the demographics in St. Louis is black, blacker, and blackest. [St. Louis Board Votes to Create Police Oversight Panel,, 4-20-15]:
Tammika Hubbard, said the city needs to do something to address concerns about police. 
"We have a race problem," Hubbard said. "We have problems of police brutality. How do we move forward from that?"
We already know St. Louis has a "race problem," but it's hardly the one Tammika is commenting on: the race problem in St. Louis is the black population committing almost all of the violent crime in the city, which drives away businesses and white people, leaving only the collapsing infrastructure of the thriving white past as a reminder of what the city's future will never be. 

Because of the high frequency of black violent crime in St. Louis, police officers have greater exposure to the black community as they search in vain for black suspects protected by the primary community they prey upon because of the code of "no snitch" (remember: courtesy of black peoplethe shocking number of gunshot and stab wounds seen at the St. Louis University Hospital provide the Air Force and Air National Guard medical personnel with "some of the blunt-trauma injuries they will see" on the actual battlefield.)

One young hospital volunteer in St. Louis noted those with gunshot wounds being wheeled in for surgery are "her age (18) and every younger" and that they are young black men. [Hospital volunteer deals with recent violence,, 1-16-2015]

So yes Tammika Hubbard, St. Louis has a "race problem"; the problem is its entitled, protected black population, whose dysfunction is the primary catalyst for the white flight and collapsing property values throughout the city and St. Louis County. 

Those police officers employed by the city of St. Louis try to maintain the civilization white people built (and are forced to abandon because of daring to even mention the reality of black criminality is seemingly a criminal offense). 

Because of this, one white columnist for the St. Louis American (a black newspaper) is able to gloat about the displacement of whites, since the morality of Black-Run America mandates black people are forever incapable of being blamed for the dysfunction they cause. [STL’s white refugee syndrome, 2-12-15]:
Caucasian St. Louisans are to white flight as Kenyan runners are to the Boston Marathon. Volumes have been written about the ability of white St. Louisans to empty out a region, or as a former colleague from Fox 2 once said, “Yeah, a black family moved in seven blocks away and my parents ended up in Ellisville.” 
But, with typical Midwestern modesty, St. Louis’s white people refuse to take any credit for the highest rate of building and neighborhood abandonment over a 30-year period in North American history, and instead defer all the praise to the area’s Black folks, who they say are really the ones responsible. 
Flash back to 1996, when, still a St. Louis newbie with barely a year here under my belt, I interviewed Tom Brown, the mayor of St. Peters, on my KMOX talk show and brought up white flight and the suspicion that his town’s growth might have been fueled by white people who wanted to put as much distance between themselves and the melanin-rich as possible. The mayor bristled at the suggestion and said his growing constituency was made up largely of victims. 
“A huge number of people who moved to our city,” he said flatly, “were literally driven from their homes. They fled looking for a better life.” 
The refugee syndrome that Mayor Brown spoke about has become tribal lore among many working class and middle class whites, stories about how they, or pops, or grandpa had to flee Walnut Park or Hyde Park or Pine Lawn and sell at a big loss when the black thugs moved in.  
Given that, conversations with the white community in St. Louis about race and racism will only go so far. To them, the problem is not a racist system. The problem is the degeneracy of black people.

What's funny is the degeneracy of black people St. Louis American columnist Charles Jaco claims doesn't exist is exactly the reason for the incredible depreciation of property value and erosion of social capital in formerly thriving white areas of St. Louis now blighted by the black population residing there. 

Jaco earnestly believes only a monologue with whites is allowed, where lambasting them for white privilege and racism toward blacks is the expected discourse of the day. In his mind, holy and saintly black people can do NO wrong, with white people exclusively TO blame for the pitiful conditions black people seem to always find themselves in.

Proximity to black people equals a reaction resulting in immediate white flight and the degradation of the formerly robust private and commercial property values found in the now majority black area those whites abandoned. 

A food desert where once an oasis of opportunity existed, all because the racial group responsible for the latter was driven away by the black people incapable of sustaining a grocery store in white people's absence. 

But going back to the St. Louis Civilian Oversight Board, a curious slip of truth about the true nature of review committee over police actions by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch must be immortalized... because the newspaper tried to make sure it was removed from their website and web cache pages. 

Nicholas J. C. Pistor's April 20, 2015 article "Civilian oversight board coming to St. Louis police after aldermen approve itoriginally contained a most revealing passage about a strange press conference held in North St. Louis on the same day, but mysteriously vanished and was completely scrubbed from the archives of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and cache pages. 

Save one. Here's what Pistor reported in his original piece for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on the successful vote to create the St. Louis Civilian Oversight Board, which powerfully illustrates exactly what those black aldermen voting for board hope happens:
Also on Monday, a press conference washeld in north St. Louis calling on the creation of the Black Community Control of Police Commission, an oversight boardmade up of African-Americans that would "assume full responsibility and authority for policing in the black community." 
"In this community, where there is an undeclared war happening against African people, one way we deal with that is to control the military force in our community that affects our lives," said Omali Yeshitela, chairman of African Socialist International who was visiting StLouis from Florida. 
He said the high rates of incarceration and lethal use of force since the civil rights movement shows that African-Americans are "still being tortured and murdered through the existing legal process." 
"We have to control the police in our community, and will, or there shall be no peace," he said. 
Carlos Ball, 26, who is African-American, said police in his south StLouis neighborhood do more to intimidate than serve. 
"We just don't have a fair chance here when it comes to the police," said Ball. "We need some accountability for what these officers do."
Black Community Control of Police Commission = the St. Louis Civilian Oversight Board.

You see, St. Louis does have a "race problem" as Tammika Hubbard asserts, but the problem isn't white people as she wants to claim; the problem of St. Louis is the black population, whose collectively inability to maintain (or come anywhere close to sustaining) the civilization whites created and abandoned because of black criminality or abide by the rules and laws governing this civilization means police state measures must be enacted if a first- world city is to remain...

Those blacks calling for the Black Community Control of Police Commission, which the editors of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch attempted to excise from their story on the St. Louis Civilian Oversight Board, are overtly calling for what those blacks serving as aldermen for the city of St. Louis covertly want: complete and total control of white people, which they believe means the end of the so-called "race problem."

But as we saw with Detroit, once the white people leave, the civilization they created goes with them.

All that remains is the infrastructure and buildings white people long ago created, which the black people residing there now can't even fathom how to maintain.

The same will be said of St. Louis.