Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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The belief a racist, right white-wing leaning police officer executed a "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" proclaiming, Bible-thumping, good black boy in cold blood (not to mention in broad daylight, in the middle of an almost entirely black ghetto) lacks credulity, unless you live in a world where Mississippi Burning, A Time to Kill, 12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained are the only movies playing.

Though sites like Conservative Treehouse (if they represent The Last Refuge, it might be time to consider moving out of the country) and Gateway Pundit will continue to do excellent work exposing the already unraveling media/state-crafted narrative in Ferguson, it's important to consider the facts as to why the 67 percent black city looks like an "inner-city." [Why Ferguson Looks Like the Inner City, Business Insider, 8-15-14].
The real loss from black on black criminality (always concentrated in heavily black areas) is the complete collapse in  commercial and private real estate near where this internecine warfare is found

Simply put, Ferguson went from being 99 percent white in 1970 to roughly 27 percent white today; from less than 1 percent black in 1970 to more than 67 percent black today. 

Race tells not just part of the story behind Ferguson's demise, but the entire story. 

And it's this story, published today at Fox2Now.com, which should help describe just why the city of Ferguson saw such massive white flight when the first trickle of blacks starting to dribble into the city: the legitimate fear by white people of individual blacks (as the numbers increase, so does the percentage of blacks for whites to be correctly fearful of).... [Mother of murder victim calls for focus on black on black crime, Fox2Now.com, 9-2-14]:
Rochelle Cook has watched the riots in Ferguson unravel while mourning the death of her daughter Aniya. The 18-year -old was murdered in 2012 while sitting in a car in St. Louis. Cook says while there`s a big focus on Ferguson and police brutality these days, black on black crime should not get lost in the shuffle. Cook is also frustrated because she recently reached out to community leaders to participate in her annual march against crime and got no response. 
‘What angers me the most is the community leaders, religions leaders where were you when I sent you an email to march with us it hurts. We are all hurting since we don`t have our children anymore.’ Said Cook 
FOX 2 asked James Clark of Better Family Life about why more people were compelled to embrace the Ferguson protests. Clark also says the solution to black on black crime is to connect with young people on the street. 
‘They have felt for years that they had no power, now they see they can make the whole world listen. Now we have to move and stop the black on black violence and disrespect. There`s a certain type of leadership that comes from the neighborhood.  
There is a tier of neighborhood leadership that we have to embrace.  It`s was not traditional leaders that kicked this off it was people from the streets that kicked this off.’ Said Clark 
As the events in Ferguson evolve, unfold and gain momentum. Rochelle cook is hoping a movement in honor of her daughter called ‘The Team Naiya Movement’ will do the same. 
‘We cannot lose this opportunity and deal with the issue of black on black crime. 
We need the Michael Browns to step up right now and say I will work in my neighborhood to stop crime and violence that`s who we need right now.’ Clark said.
No white person fears being the victim of "white on white" crime, because crimes committed by white people is overwhelmingly personal, whereas black on black crime is impersonal, arbitrary, and utterly savage in nature. 

 No one in their right mind has ever even uttered the words "white on white" crime, because such concentrated criminality by white people (jeopardizing the health and vitality of communities, as well as the strength/value of commercial and private property) is found nowhere in America. 

But black on black crime is found wherever black people in America are found, meaning those living near America's permanent underclass must be mindful of the negative effects of such concentrated criminality (depreciating property value and collapse of once healthy, vibrant business/commercial districts). 

When you see a food desert, immediately know the threat of black on black crime is near (which convinced smart grocery store owners from investing in the area). 

When you see boarded up buildings, formerly where business was conducted and a community flourished, know the threat of black on black crime is near (which drove away the sense of community and convinced a smart business owner to divest from the area). [McClellan: Black-on-black crime is fact we can't deny, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10-9-2010]:
Murders are such a common occurrence in the gangster culture that they are no longer considered very newsworthy. 
In St. Louis, the gangster culture is largely a black phenomenon. 
You can blame it on anything you want. Unwed mothers, hip-hop music, bad schools, vestiges of slavery, poverty, drugs, the welfare state. Liberals can blame it on one thing, conservatives can blame it on another. 
But nobody can get away from the fact that it exists.
Why not just blame it on black people?

The collapse of property value in (not just... but all of America) metro St. Louis is entirely a black phenomenon... just consult the history of that vaunted National Historical Landmark, the Shelley House... white people flee the biological detritus of unwed black mothers, the bad schools their progeny inherently create and the poverty that proliferates courtesy of the crime committed by individual blacks that inhibits any outside capital investment due to the high risk/no reward scenario (remember: Ferguson has been an enterprise zone since 2003).

Just as race tells not just part of the story behind Ferguson's demise, but the entire story, so does this four letter word accurately summarize America's decline. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Farce of Ferguson

The editors of Time dedicated a cover to the events in Ferguson for the September 1, 2014 edition; showing a picture of a black individual with their "hands up" (you know, the whole "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" meme) facing down the police as they tried to restore order in the 67 percent black city, the caption reads "The Tragedy of Ferguson." 

Call it the Tiananmen Square photo of the black insurrection in America's heartland. 
Tragedy? No. Farce...

But let's go back to the day the now infamous event between Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson occurred, and realize this entire event may have represented the initial tremor before a major tectonic shift. [Officer-Involved Fatal Shooting in Ferguson, CBS St. Louis, 8-9-14]:
UPDATE  7pm–Few details have been released but police are confirming  a male subject was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer. 
St Louis County Police Officer Brian Schellman says the situation was tense for a while.  A large group gathered and confronted police with obscenities and chants of “kill the police”.  Several times-gunshots could be heard.  Police remain on the scene. 
St. Louis County Police have taken over the investigation and say details will be released later.

Ferguson, MO (KMOX) Officers from several agencies responded to the Canfield Green apartment complex in the 2900 block of Canfield Drive in Ferguson this (Saturday) afternoon following reports of a disturbance in the street there.
St. Louis County Police Officer Brian Schellman tells KMOX when County Police arrived at the scene, officers were confronted by a large crowd, some of them armed.
Wait... the black crowd gathering immediately following the shooting of Michael Brown not only chanted "kill the police" but gunshots were heard?

Was this ever investigated?

Was anyone arrested?

What are the odds those guns were even purchased through legal channels?

This was on August 9, days before the looting began and the subsequent (much-maligned) attempt by the almost all-white police force in Ferguson to restore order to a city quickly descending into the anarchy and chaos of amplified spontaneous blackness.

Once the looting,rioting, and arson had stopped, an interview with a white St. Louis police officer shed light onto the truly hostile conditions those representatives of the legitimate "state" encountered when trying to subdue the black insurrection. [FERGUSON COPS: HERE'S HOW IT WENT DOWN: 'Our tactical units have been shot at a number of times', WND, 8-22-14]:
 While many different voices have drawn attention amid the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, after the shooting of a black teen by a police officer, little has been heard from the police officers on the ground. 
So when St. Louis Police Lt. Jeff Fuesting had the opportunity to speak to the Associated Press, he didn’t pull any punches. 
Fuesting said the two weeks of unrest, which has included rioting, looting, burned buildings and gunshots, have been just as tough on the cops as on residents. “Our tactical units have been shot at a number of times, officers have been shot at a number of times. We have not responded back with lethal force. Yes, we have deployed less lethal force and tear gas. That is to disperse the crowd,” he said. 
Officers shot at by participants in the black insurrection (what some still incorrectly label a peaceful protest for justice), and you wonder who has the monopoly on violence in America?

It's not the police, whose members know one wrong encounter with a black male suspect and they could be the next Officer Darren Wilson; it's the black population, whose showed in Ferguson they can gather near a crime-scene and shout "kill the police" and then fire volley after volley of gunfire in the direction of police and never expecting any reprisal save the lobbing over of tear gas...

And what did the "Tragedy of Ferguson" cost the taxpayer (the people who supply the revenue to pay for a police force that has lost the monopoly on violence to black insurrectionaries) in Ferguson and St. Louis County? Try $100,000 a day from August 10 - 18. [Bills for extra law enforcement for Ferguson coming due, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 8-28-14]:
St. Louis County so far has spent about $1 million in police overtime responding to Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer Garry Earls said. That amount includes about $100,000 a day for the first nine days after the shooting. 
He said the county incurred many other expenses, most of which were still being tallied, for food, equipment, streets work, fuel costs and other emergency services.“All this workforce out there had to be fed,” he said. “We used up all of our tear gas and pepper spray.” 
He said county police experienced equipment losses, and he expects workers’ compensation claims from officers injured during the rioting. 
Earls said the county and other municipalities hope the state will defray at least some of their costs. 
“If this was a storm, the FEMA folks would have shown up already,” he said, referring to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. “We are searching for the FEMA equivalent (regarding) civil unrest. We’re certainly going to ask the state for that.” 
In addition, the county plans to spend up to $1 million to provide support to residents who need help because of the unrest, looting and vandalism in Ferguson and neighboring communities. 
That money will be used to help fund and staff a drop-in center for residents in Ferguson, Dellwood and Jennings at the Dellwood Recreation Center, officials have said. The county will work with nonprofit agencies to provide staffing as well as transportation for residents to the center; advice on how to get utility assistance; legal assistance; counseling; and other services. Other aid will include help removing debris left by protesters. 
“The residents there need a break, and any support we can provide to help the community heal and get back on its feet should be provided, ” County Executive Charlie Dooley said last week. “It’s the humane thing to do.” 
St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said Wednesday that his department spent $740,849 for additional manpower and overtime of officers working 12-hour shifts in Ferguson. He said his department spent an additional $161,783 on equipment such as gas masks and shields for officers.
But it wasn't a storm that hit Ferguson; it was a black insurrection, whose excuse for forming wasn't a change in temperature or atmospheric pressure, but merely a white police officer daring to protect himself from being maimed or even murdered by Michael Brown.

Ferguson will never, ever recover.

But the lesson of Ferguson is one few have dared even try to comprehend: the fault-lines within the already failed American experiment are far more volatile than the San Andreas Fault; the racial divisions are irreparable (just spend a few minutes reading the hysterical essays being published at Newsone.com), forces of nature as immutable as the huge continental plates slowly shifting under our feet.

Just as an earthquake can't be prevented from occurring, conversely, one can prepare for it's occurrence.

The tragedy of Ferguson is, in the end, a farce: just as the bulk of blacks voted for Barack Obama because he's a (nominally) black man, the bulk of blacks support the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" movement and will only believe justice for Michael Brown happens when Darren Wilson is arrested and thrown into jail.

Or executed.

One wrong encounter by a white police officer with a member of the perpetually aggrieved black community in a city such as Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, or Indianapolis would instantly trigger another Ferguson.

A political system where these types of events are programmed into the proverbial software is one that can't be fixed with a patch; it's flawed and beyond salvation.

That the Ferguson black insurrection was geographically situated in America's heartland is a reminder  of just how terminal the whole situation is, and why, no matter what concessions are made to the rioters/protestors/looters, it won't prevent the next black seismic event.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton...

What are these people protesting?
Black people, just after George Zimmerman's acquittal, block traffic in Houston (July 2013); a powerful metaphor for how western civilization's evolution is blocked - retarded - by black people working overtime to pull all of civilization to their level...

To ensure black people's right to attack and maim police officers remains unmolested, eventually to be protected via a constitutional amendment? [Ferguson protesters plan to halt highway traffic on Labor Day, Fox2Now.com, 8-31-14]:
There’s a call from Ferguson protestors that could have an impact on-your- holiday weekend. During the massive, but peaceful “National March on Ferguson” Saturday, demonstrators revealed a new plan for civil disobedience: halt highway traffic across the St. Louis area on Labor Day.
More than a thousand people took to the streets Saturday for the march. They shut down West Florissant Avenue, marching to the spot where Michael Brown was shot and killed three weeks ago, then to a park in Ferguson. It was there, in the rain, that the plan was thrown out by organizers. They’re asking everyone involved to drive onto highways around St. Louis at 4:30pm on Monday, Labor Day and stop their cars for four and a half minutes. The time frame is intended to symbolize the four and a half hours Michael Brown’s body was in the street after he was shot.
Organizers say this will just be the beginning of such disturbances.
Zaki Baruti said, “If some of our demands are not dealt with, you’ll see more civil disobedience in the spirit of Dr. King, because we’re not just going to sit by and just let injustice be constantly impacting us.”
Most notable of their demands, the firing and arrest of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown. That is currently in the hands of a grand jury.
It is unclear at this point how many people might participate in the seemingly dangerous practice of stopping cars on an interstate highway. No word at this point how police might respond.
America is held hostage by its black population, which always rallies behind the lowest of its members whenever such a show of force can secure more rights, more money, and more tribute...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quantifying the Whole Three/Fifths Compromise...

Call this a continuation of what was written yesterday: The "Shelley House" at 4600 Labadie Avenue in North St. Louis: For $45,000, You Can Own America's Future.

It turns out the first black couple to move onto Labadie Avenue, J.D. and Ethel Shelley, purchased the long-celebrated (it's a National Historical Landmark after all...) "Shelley House" for $5,700 in 1945.

The neighborhood was 100 percent white until this transaction, which of course was illegal due to the restrictive covenant placed on the property

But that was 69 years ago.

Located in zip code 63115, 4600 Labadie Avenue is in an area that is now nearly 100 percent black.  

It wasn't but 69 years ago two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World World II; but the end of World War II saw the birthing of a new nation...

Today, the "Shelley House" has an appraised value of $15,000.

Consulting an inflation calculator (God Bless the Internet), we learn that a house valued at $5,700 in 1945 would be worth $75,445.83 in today's money; and yet the Labadie Avenue property at 4600 is appraised by the city of St. Louis for $15,000 in 2004.

What's that? Five times less today than what it was worth in 1945, when the community was all-white?

Now that's how you quantify the whole three/fifths compromise...

Remember this simple fact when appraising property value (commercial or private property) in America in 2014: the greater the percentage of the black population, the lesser the value; the lesser the percentage of the whole is the black population, the greater the value.