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Bell Curve City and Section 8 Housing: Spread of Vouchers in Ferguson and Metropolitan St. Louis Prove the Government has Declared War on White America

A couple years ago, Darnell Xavier "Chuckie" Vaughn was arrested in Minnesota for the murder of two black women in Ferguson, Missouri. Turns out, his father and mother (Darwin Vaughn and Lois Adams), as well as his friend DeAndrew Galmore helped him escape and they were arrested as well. 

But it's the story surrounding the murder perpetrated by Vaughn, published by a local St. Louis news affiliate, which details a world only black people are capable of collectively creating. [Police identify 2 women found shot to death in Ferguson apartment,, 8-31-2012]:
Police have indentified the two young women who were found shot to death in a Ferguson apartment early Friday morning. 
The victims have been identified as Tasheerra Johnson, 29, and Claudia Williams, 30. Police said Johnson and Williams were found dead Friday morning at the Oakmont Townhomes Complex in the 1600 block of Northwinds Estates Drive. 
Officials said family members discovered the bodies just after 6 a.m.  
Investigators said the victims apparently died from gunshot wounds. Police said a baby was also found the apartment and was not harmed. 
Officers say a vehicle belonging to one of the victims was reported missing, but has been located in Madison County, Illinois. Officials did not elaborate further on the vehicle's exact location. 
Several neighbors told News 4 the complex is notorious for having guns fired. One lady said she's made several complaints and has been robbed, but nothing has been done. She said since this recent incident, she plans on breaking her lease. 
News 4's Laura Hettiger called the management property asking about gunshots, but the person who answered the phone said they had no comment and hung up on her. 
Ferguson Police are urging anyone with information on this case or the missing vehicle to contact authorities.
Perhaps the story of Darnell Xavier "Chuckie" Vaughn and the violence at Oakmont Townhomes Complex illuminates why the mayor of Ferguson noted this about the relationship of the white police force to the 67 percent black population of the city

"The African-American community - youth in the African-American community in particular - has something against law enforcement in many ways," Knowles said. 
"They don't like law enforcement, and they don't think law enforcement likes them."
No, not perhaps. Oakmont Townhomes in Ferguson (along with Northwinds Apartments, where Michael Brown called "home") has more Section 8 voucher holders/rents than any tract in the entire state of Missouri. And it's 99 percent black. [As low-income housing boomed, Ferguson pushed back, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10-19-2014]:

The data on Section 8 also show that the subsidies have tended to cluster in lower-income areas. Many inner-ring North County suburbs are disproportionately absorbing the tenants who have flocked to aging apartment complexes. 
That includes Ferguson. A census tract that consists of a portion of Oakmont Townhomes and Northwinds Apartments and stretches eastward into unincorporated St. Louis County had more Section 8 renters in 2013 than any tract in the entire state, according to HUD estimates. 
In that area, nearly 20 percent of the 5,000 people who lived there were in Section 8 units. More than half of those households had median incomes of less than $10,000; 57 percent were headed by one parent; and 99 percent were African-American. 
According to records from the Housing Authority of St. Louis County, three of the top nine recipients of Section 8 payments from June 2011 to June 2014 were the owners of Park Ridge, Northwinds and Oakmont. Currently, more than 200 tenants in those complexes have vouchers.

The concept of income inequality is just the economic expression of blacks collective genetic limitations when compared to what whites can collectively achieve: in the absence of the white population, which built Ferguson (the city was 99 percent white in 1970), the city took on the character - and its economic fortunes were built on - of the rising black demographic majority. 

Remember: the true story of Ferguson is the represents the disastrous nature of the House of Urban Development (HUDs) strategy of dispersing black criminality from urban areas to the suburbs. [LBJ's War On Poverty Lies Beneath Ferguson Tragedy, Investors Business Daily, 9-3-2014]:

In reality, crime only follows Section 8 tenants to the suburbs, according to a large body of research, including a 2011 HUD-commissioned study. That's precisely what happened in Ferguson, once a quiet, working-class St. Louis suburb. 
Michael Brown grew up in the Section 8 epicenter of Ferguson, a small southeast corner of the city that includes several sprawling apartment complexes catering to subsidized poor renters. That area accounted for a whopping 40% of all robberies and 28% of all aggravated assaults reported in the city between 2010 and 2012, according to local crime data. 
An official with the St. Louis County Housing Authority, which administers Section 8 vouchers in Ferguson, confirmed that the area's a hotbed of crime. "We get plenty of complaints, and we refer them to the police," Susan Harrod, director of assisted housing, told me. 
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other press outlets have reported that Brown lived with his grandmother at the Northwinds Apartments, which, according to housing authority data obtained by IBD, has the greatest number of Section 8 tenants of any apartment complex in Ferguson. The county subsidizes 58 of the 438 units there. 
Northwinds also happens to be a nest of criminal activity. 
"I was robbed at gunpoint while holding my infant child right in front of my apartment ... worst experience of my life," said one former tenant. "I had my home invaded four times," said another resident. "The crime is really bad. We have neighbors that stand around all day and sell dope. 
"Almost everyone out here is on Section 8 and doesn't work," another Northwinds renter complained. "This isn't the apartment for working-class people. They break into people's houses and cars. 
The complex reportedly had more than 50 units broken into in a single year. 
Tenants have also complained about rapists entering through windows, and shootings virtually every weekend. Some move their mattresses to the floor, below their bedroom window, to dodge stray bullets at night. Last month, daytime gunshots from inside Northwinds cut short reporters' interviews with residents about the Brown case. 
Males aren't the only perps. At an adjacent apartment, Canfield Green, where Brown was shot, a female tenant reportedly once chased a boyfriend across the parking lot and tried to attack him with a butcher knife. In another recent incident there, a woman traded blows with a young mother holding a baby on her hip. Packs of girls are known to roam the property, beating victims with socks packed with rocks.
This is the world the black population of Ferguson, imported to the city via Section 8 Vouchers (which enrich property firms located in states such as Maine), creates: cruel, violent, and one where citizens sleep on the floor to dodge stray bullets. 

Again: the economic and moral conditions found in 67% black Ferguson is nothing more than the  collective genetic expression of the majority demographic found there. This is why property values have dropped in Ferguson and North St. Louis, with the rising percentages of blacks convincing white residents its time to get out of the city before all mortgages go underwater. [St. Louis is hot spot for 'underwater' mortgages, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5-9-14]

With all this stated, let's take a look at William Lacy Clay's denunciation of municipal courts in the St. Louis area, which he claims are little more than "ATM machines for local government."[Clay calls for federal review of St. Louis area municipal courts, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10-29-14]:
U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay called for the U.S. Department of Justice to review St. Louis area municipal courts that he says targets minority and low income residents as "ATM machines for local government." 
The request comes after Better Together, a group advocating for city-county consolidation, issued a report documentinghow municipalities use court fines and fees to get revenue from their residents. For example, the group found that St. Louis County’s 90 municipalities made up 34 percent of all municipal fines and fees in the state of Missouri.   
"The very disturbing findings in the Better Together report indicate that municipal courts in both the City of St. Louis and many jurisdictions in St. Louis County often function as little more than municipal ATM machines," said Clay, who represents north St. Louis County. "They repeatedly victimize local residents, many of whom are African American, who have modest resources that might be better spent on essentials for their families."
Money to pay for government has to come from somewhere, right? 
Roads and maintaining/improving existing infrastructure, schools, police, the fire department, and paying for a modest number municipal employees requires tax revenue, which the black population of St. Louis County's 90 municipalities aren't capable of producing (crime suspects, unfortunately, is not something this population lacks in producing). 

This black population, however, is capable of producing Michael Brown's, Vonderritt Myers', and  Darnell Xavier "Chuckie" Vaughn's... the type of citizen that scares away legitimate businesses and drives down property values. 

Your tax dollars go to fund the breeding, housing, and feeding of people like Darnell Vaughn and Michael Brown, both of whom called the largest tract of Section 8 voucher receivers in all of Missouri home. 

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Does your conscience bother you? Tell the truth

Simple, eloquent, and to the point. From St. Louis Coptalk, a "message board ... provided for the use of law enforcement officers employed by the St. Louis Police Department and their supporters in the St. Louis Metropolitan area," we get this message:
    A Safety Message for Civilians
    Posted by A Concerned Cop on 10/26/2014, 8:29 pm
    If you don't have a gun, get one and get one soon. We will not be able to protect you or your family. It will be your responsibility to protect them. Our gutless commanders and politicians have neutered us. I'm serious, get a gun, get more than one, and keep one with you at all times.
    A warning from St. Louis Coptalk: get a gun, we won't be able to protect you
Oh, the people of St. Louis have guns. As one of the co-owners of County Guns noted to the press, white people are buying up guns for fear, "the city is going to explode."[Exclusive: Missouri police plan for possible riots if Brown cop not charged, Reuters, 10-8-14]:
Ferguson today is a city on the edge. While mostly black residents hold small protests outside the police station each night, gun store owners report a jump in sales to white residents. Local business owners in the area where Brown was shot complain about lost trade. Many storefronts remain boarded up with plywood. 
Police and elected officials are meeting regularly with multi-racial citizen groups in a bid to improve community relations, tackle concerns about police discrimination, and avoid the turmoil that followed Brown's shooting. Civil unrest is still the "worst case scenario", Knowles said. 
Adam Weinstein, co-owner of County Guns, said sales were up 50 percent since Brown's shooting, mostly among white residents fearful of riots who are buying Glock, Springfield and Smith & Wesson handguns, and shotguns. "They are afraid the city is going to explode," Weinstein said, a former member of the U.S. Navy and St. Louis firefighter with heavily tattooed arms. 
Fear of what's just beyond the horizon isn't exclusively for the white residents of metropolitan St. Louis. Recall, fear of black protesters convinced Walmart to lock up ammo at many St. Louis stores. [Several Walmart locations locked-up ammunition during weekend protests,, 10-15-14]:
Several Walmart stores in the St. Louis area have pulled ammunition from the shelves following recent protests. 
Monday night, demonstrators made their way into Walmart locations in Maplewood, Ferguson and Bridgeton, forcing the stores to close while several arrests were made. 
On Wednesday afternoon, the empty shelves at Maplewood looked like there had been a mass purchase of ammunition. But according to an employee, it was locked up in the back. 
“I can see why they would think that would be a concern if someone did break in in mass and loot the place and steal ammo,” said shopper Tim Casey.
The civil unrest seems unavoidable, with preparations underway for the inevitable hostilities launched by Michael Brown supporters (CNSNews)

Fear of what's coming in metropolitan St. Louis is palpable, scaring seven school districts into begging the St. Louis Prosecutor to release the grand jury findings until after school hours and kids are safely home. [Multiple school districts write county prosecutor regarding grand jury decision,, 10-27-14]:

Seven school districts are asking St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch to carefully consider when he releases the findings of the Michael Brown grand jury. They are raising safety concerns for students. 

A spokesperson says McCulloch has received this letter and is considering it. 

The letter was sent by the Riverview Gardens School District but was also signed by six other superintendents. The letter asks McCulloch to announce any grand jury decision either after 5p.m. on weekdays or on a weekend, preferably on Sunday. 
The letter is dated October 22nd. 
It references how the release of past information along with protests and the police response have forced road closures and made it difficult for students, parents and school buses to make it to campuses. The letter says school districts are expecting similar issues when the grand jury decision is announced  and that information released during the school day has the potential to greatly affect school district operations.

Remember: as a citizen of metro St. Louis, it will be your responsibility to protect yourself, your family, your property (be it private or commercial), and your business. [Exclusive: St. Louis Businesses Warned of ‘Civil Unrest’ After Grand Jury Decision,, 10-27-14]:

A St. Louis property manager is warning businesses near the St. LouisCounty courthouse to prepare for “civil unrest” in the wake of the imminent grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting. 
Public demonstrations and random acts of violence have plagued the St. Louis area since August, when a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed, black teenager in the North St. Louis suburb of FergusonMO. 
The warning to businesses came by way of a letter, dated October 21, addressed to “all tenants” in The Boulevard shopping center in Richmond HeightsMO. The shopping center is less than a mile and a half from the site of the grand jury proceeding in ClaytonMO. 
The Pace Properties Manager disclosed that the property management team “met with local authorities/police recently to discuss their plans and recommendations for dealing with possible demonstrations and civil unrest after the grand jury decision is announced on the Michael Brown shooting.” 
The term “civil unrest” is used multiple times throughout the letter. 
The note also lays out the priorities of police in the event of any riots: 
“The number one concern of public safety officials in the event of demonstrations or civil unrest will be the safety of citizens. Protection of property will be a secondary consideration.”
The letter further notes that “authorities anticipate that the grand jury’s decision will be announced in November, at the earliest.” This fits with other media reports which also predict a November announcement.
On the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. reads an inscription worth remembering, not for what's written, but what is left out. It's a quote from Jefferson on slavery located on the northeast interior wall. It reads: "Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than these people are to be free."

But it omits the next sentence: "Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government."

And ultimately Thomas Jefferson's unheeded warning is the primary lesson of the Ferguson Fiasco and the great scandal behind the collapse of the city of St. Louis. 

Whatever comes of the grand jury's decision in the case of Officer Darren Wilson, know the book of fate Thomas Jefferson cited didn't lie when he read from it then; and the chaos St. Louis Coptalk warned about, seven school districts fear is coming and the "civil unrest" businesses are preparing for now was also noted in the same tome. 

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Does St. Louis and the State of Missouri Boast the Most Violent Black Population in All of America?

Could the most violent blacks in all of America reside in Missouri? 


Yes, they could. 
There's a reason the prisons of Missouri are full of blacks. It's not white supremacy, it's the supremacy of DNA in a world where white privilege excuses every measure of black dysfunction

It's safe to say Missouri only has a homicide problem because of its black population. [Homicides in Missouri Cities Surpass Mass Shootings,, 5-7-2013]:
The deaths of 20 elementary school students and six teachers in Newtown, Conn. On December 14, 2012 sparked an outpouring of grief and calls for stricter gun laws. 
Yet even as the nation mourned the Newtown tragedy, the killing continued across the nation and in the state of Missouri. Missouri State Highway Patrol statistics show 32 people have been murdered in St. Louis since January 1, nearly matching the death toll in the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. 
Another 20 people have died on Kansas City's streets. The patrol's numbers show a total of 125 people were killed in St. Louis last year, more than were killed at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Colo., Ft. Hood, Northern Illinois University and Columbine combined. 
The statistics show homicide disproportionately affects blacks, and black men in particular, in Missouri. During 2012, 115 of the 125 homicide victims in St. Louis were black, and 101 of them were black men. 
Across the state in Kansas City, 81 of that city's 106 homicide victims last year were black, 68 of them black men. The homicide problem is far less common in mid-Missouri, but the same patterns present themselves. 
At least three people were murdered in Columbia last year and two more in Jefferson City, tying the total number of people who have died in school shootings in Missouri. 
And just like in St. Louis and Kansas City, the overwhelming majority of both victims and perpetrators of homicide in mid-Missouri are black men. That demographic group accounted for 11 of the 13 homicide victims in Columbia and Jefferson City between 2010 and 2012. FBI statistics quoted in a Violence Policy Center report released in January show the homicide rate among Missouri's blacks was the highest in the nation in 2010, the most recent year for which data are available. 
That year, blacks experienced 33 homicides per 100,000 population in Missouri. The national rate was about 16 per 100,000. 
University of Missouri-St. Louis criminology professor Richard Rosenfeld said several factors affect Missouri's black homicide rate. 
He said Missouri has two large, heavily black cities with relatively high poverty rates, adding poverty creates conditions that encourage firearm violence. "St. Louis has all the makings of a place that ought to have elevated levels of crime," Rosenfeld said. 
"A racially diverse population, the African-American population considerably more disadvantaged than the white population, high levels of unemployment in the African-American community, a school system that is fragile." 
Highway Patrol statistics don't reveal any particular pattern in motivations for homicide. Of the 125 homicides in St. Louis last year, 76 are listed as "cause undetermined." The same goes for 80 of Kansas City's 106 murders. 
Four of the 15 homicides in Columbia and Jefferson City between 2010 and 2012 meet the same description. For the 11 murders for which a motive was established, no more than two fit any one particular motive, such as a robbery or drug-related killing.
Remember, the state of Missouri is 80.4 percent white and 11 percent black.

Black areas in Missouri have relatively high concentrations of poverty because they have relatively high levels of black population. In essence, the greater the black percentage of a city's population, the greater the chance of it being a high poverty area; the greater the white percentage of a city's population, the less the chance it being a center for any poverty (until Section 8 Vouchers are handed out to blacks to import poverty into an area it previously did not exist). 

In St. Louis over the weekend of October 24-26, two black toddlers were shot; in Kansas City, a 10-year-old black female was gunned down. 
Mr. Vonderritt Myers, right, is the poster child for your average black male in Missouri. 

Not by the Klan; not by the Tea party; not by the Republican Party; not by the Ferguson Police Department or anyone who dares to "Stand with Darren Wilson"; but in all cases,  by an unidentified black person (as in almost all fatal or nonfatal shootings in the entire state of Missouri). [Grief and calls for justice as second young drive-by shooting victim is identified,, 10-27-14]

Only one month before the Gentle Giant himself, Michael Brown, lost his life in Ferguson, a rally against a form of violence the media is all too familiar with and chooses to ignore was held: a rally in St. Louis against black violence. [Family rallies for peace after violent weekend,, 7-6-2014]:
“You all took away a father, a boyfriend, a brother, a son and a provider and a protector to me and a lot of people,” said Tynishia Bibbs, Crumps girlfriend.
“It’s taken us too long to begin to deal with the issue at the root which is in our families and in our neighborhood,” said Better Family Life director James Clark. 
His organization targets at-risk neighborhoods with door to door assistance. 
“And if we believe that this gets better without direct resource delivery into our neighborhoods, we are sadly mistaken,” said Clark. 
A tearful mourner at Sunday’s rally agreed. 
“Our community is so angry. I know we need resources but we can’t resort to violence,” said Locha Brooks. 
“Let’s put our guns down St. Louis,” said Bibbs. “Let’s just stop this because no one deserved this.”

Read more here:

Read more here:

Could the most violent blacks in all of America reside in Missouri? 


Yes, they could. 

Could it be St. Louis is the hotbed for the most violent blacks in not just Missouri, but all of America. 


Yes, it could be.  [Study: More Blacks in St. Louis Killed by Other Blacks Compared to White Officers, CBS St. Louis, 10-15-14]
The shooting death of Michael Brown has unleashed a torrent of pent-up hostility against local police. 
But a University of Missouri – St. Louis researcher says emotions aside, the number of black youth who have been fatally shot by white police officers has been fairly low in recent years. 
Criminology professor David Klinger told KMOX’s Charlie Brennan that he conducted a thorough, decade-long study that showed there were 1,265 murders over that time, with 90 percent of the victims being black. And 90 percent of those black victims were killed by other blacks. 
“While I understand the people are concerned about the use of deadly force by the police, by far – about 50 to 1 – more blacks in St. Louis are killed by other blacks as compared to white police officers,” Klinger says. 
Over that same period, Klinger says 31 blacks were killed by police officers – 21 by white police officers. 
“The sad fact is, we had well over a thousand black-on-black homicides in the city of St. Louis during that same decade,” he says.
Remember: St. Louis is 49 percent black and 43 percent white. No, the sad fact is wherever high concentrations of black people congregate in Missouri, such real estate becomes uninhabitable.

The most violent blacks in all of America call the state of Missouri home. This fact is the reason why high rates of segregation exist in St. Louis and Kansas City, so that the violence in the black community is kept from harming either white people or their commercial or private property value.

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"You can't go home again..."

First, President Obama sent three White House officials to attend Michael Brown's funeral.

Second, Attorney General Eric Holder came to Ferguson (a "deeply personal" visit, according to USA Today) and told a primarily black audience that though he holds the Department of Justice top spot, "He is also a black man."
The iconic image of the Ferguson Farce: White male assaulted by a gang of blacks, emboldened by weeks of the Obama Administration fanning the flames of racial hatred/resentment in St. Louis

Third, the Department of Justice asked the police chief of Ferguson to stop his officers from wearing "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets while on duty.

Fourth, the Department of Justice top officials were furious leaks from the Grand Jury testimony of Darren Wilson were released as potentially "influence public opinion" in the direction of the white officer instead of the "black man," (like Obama and Holder) Michael Brown:
A Justice Department spokeswoman responded in a statement to the Los Angeles Times: “The department considers the selective release of information in this investigation to be irresponsible and highly troubling. Since the release of the convenience-store footage, there seems to be an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about this case.”
The reference to the convenience-store footage alluded to a video released by Ferguson police on the same day they disclosed Wilson's identity. The video showed Brown apparently intimidating a store clerk shortly before the shooting.
Chris King, managing editor of the St. Louis American, a newspaper for black audiences, said law enforcement officials had offered him the leaks, saying “they had been briefed on the evidence and it didn't look good for Michael Brown supporters,” but he declined and decried “third-party hearsay” in an editorial for the paper.

“Tensions are so high that preparations for riots, if Wilson walks free, are discussed in sober terms in local and national media and on street corners,” the American said in its editorial. “The editors of these powerful publications have shown a lapse in judgment and ethics that is not only shameful, but actually dangerous. We declare a mistrial in the court of public opinion.”
All of this "emboldening" of the black community by the Obama Administration and an overzealous black-centric Department of Justice has influenced blacks in Ferguson and metropolitan St. Louis to do something in retaliation to Brown's death.

If any mistrial in the court of public opinion has occurred in the case of Wilson and Brown, it's the Obama Administration, Eric Holder, and the media's failure to present the facts clearly and without prejudice ("I am also a black man...").

Thus, we get the most personal moment of this entire Ferguson Farce:
Watch as the so called “peaceful” protesters in #Ferguson attack a young white man who “just wants to go home.”

The “protesters” continued to harass this young man all the way down the road while he was in his car.
Thank God the police were there for protection.
 What's the old saying? You can't go home again?

If you haven't figured out what the farce of Ferguson is all about yet, just watch the video below of the young white male trying to get home only to be caught in the madness of an Obama/Holder endorsed mob.